God is love.

The Good Gospel

God is love. We are extensions of God. Therefore, we are love. Our purpose is to extend Love just like our Creator. Love is our purpose. Every act of Love brings Heaven to Earth. Because God is Love. To love, is to see another as part of you. Love has no separate interests or agendas. It is not attachment or transactional. It is free. To Love is to know God. To be Love is to know thyself. The Kingdom of God is the Christ Consciousness within you. There is nothing outside of you that can ever truly fulfill you. You need nothing and from no one. All that you need is right here, right now, within you.

You are the Light of the world.

Be a Light on to every person and every living thing through your loving thoughts, your loving words, actions and deeds.

You are here, on this planet to help raise the consciousness of the collective and to clear your own karmic debt.

A karmic debt is not a price to pay but a lesson to learn. An understanding that the Soul has not yet reached and has chosen to correct through experience. 

The first way to clear our karma is through forgiveness and not allowing for the pain that others have caused you, to cause you to create more pain in others. What caused others to hurt you is their own pain and for that reason you must not take it personal. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

The second way to clear our karma is to acknowledge that those who have hurt you, have played the difficult roles needed for you to clear your debt. Receive, and understand the lesson(s) you would not have otherwise learned were it not for those particularly painful experiences and thank your teacher(s). Bless them and release them from the prison of condemnation you have put them in. Your salvation lies in it. As you free your brother or sister, you free yourself from your own imprisonment. Awaken now and set yourself free. Remember that everyone is simply another version of you. See yourself in everyone. See only God in everyone and everything because everything is part of God. You are part of God. See everyone as part of you and you will know God. The third way to free yourself of your karma is to: “Do onto others only as you would like done on to you” only then will you stop the repetitive cycles of suffering in your life. See every golden moment of now as an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God. Judge not for that which you judge and condemn you one day become. The pity and the compassion that you withhold from others as you judge them imprisons yourself. All that you judge, criticize and hate, you hate because you share in it. 

Stop your judgment and offer your pity and compassion and you will free yourself. See everything before you as an act of Love or a call for Love, and when it is a call that you perceive… ANSWER IT.

You are love. You are the Light, the truth and the way. The world is awakening now to the truth. The truth that they are one with God and have never left. Take your rightful place in the Kingdom and remember that you are a gift onto this Earth. Your very presence is a gift. You need do nothing at all to earn your place in the Kingdom nor to prove that you are worthy of love…  Simply remember that you are Love and you are already there. 

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